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One third of Cyprus residents smoke

One third of Cyprus residents smoke

31 May 2018 | A source: EVROPAKIPR
Tags: Cyprus, Society, Smoking, Statistics, Health

31% of the population of the Republic of Cyprus are smokers. These are the data of the Ministry of Health, published on the eve of World No Tobacco Day, which is celebrated 31 May. The ban on smoking in public places on the island is valid from 2009 year. Penalty for breaking the law is 85 euro. However, neither the high price of tobacco products nor fines for smoking in public places contribute to the mass denial of Cypriots from this habit.

For comparison: in 2009 year in Cyprus, smoked 32%, now - 31%. This is the fifth place among the EU member states. In the first place in the rating of countries-smokers in the EU - Greece, where 38% of the population smoke. In addition, Cyprus has passed ahead of Bulgaria, Hungary and France. The least number of smokers in Sweden (11%), Finland (19%) and Malta (20%). The average for the EU is 26%.

Ministry of Health of the Republic of Cyprus is the curator of the hot telephone line 1431, where anyone can call to enroll in the program to quit smoking. In 2017, 472 people became participants in the program. The percentage of those who stopped smoking with the help of specialists of the program, was 43%.

The Cypriot authorities launched a series of short video clips with a reminder of the ban on smoking in playgrounds, hospitals, offices, government institutions, clubs, schools, restaurants and bars.

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