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Turkish Cypriots require the passport of the Republic of Cyprus

Turkish Cypriots require the passport of the Republic of Cyprus

29 2018 June LJ cover – Турки-киприоты требуют паспорта Республики Кипр
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More than 5 000 Turkish Cypriots with one of the parents - citizens of Turkey - showed a high interest in obtaining a passport of a citizen of the Republic of Cyprus.

As the Turkish Cypriot newspaper Kibris wrote, the unions of primary and secondary school teachers of Turkish Cypriots (Ktos and Ktoeos) announced that 2 July at the trade union headquarters will open a special office to help those who could not obtain the passport of the Republic of Cyprus, because one of their parents is a native of Turkey.

Speaking at a press conference, representatives of trade unions said that they received 5 152 statements from residents of northern Cyprus who are facing problems when obtaining a Cypriot passport.

The head of the trade union assured the journalists that this issue will be discussed with the Minister of the Interior of the Republic of Cyprus Konstantin Petridis during the meeting with him in July.

The Turkish-Cypriot trade unions also warned that if the issue is not resolved through negotiations, then the authorities are ready to proceed with the litigation process.

The chairman of the trade union noted that he also intends to discuss this issue with the leader of the Turkish Cypriots Akynji, stressing that it is important to raise this issue at the negotiating table of Greek and Turkish Cypriots. He said that he is ready to communicate on this issue with representatives of the European Parliament and the European Commission in Cyprus.

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