Today: April 20 2019
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A Cypriot farmer was stolen a ton of toxic peanuts

A Cypriot farmer was stolen a ton of toxic peanuts

August 21 2018 LJ cover – У кипрского фермера украли тонную токсичного арахиса
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The owner of a processing plant in the village of Kuklia filed an application to the police about stealing 31 bag with 1035 kg of peanuts. According to the Cyprus Times, the missing ton of peanut was previously placed in quarantine because of its infestation with aflatoxins. These are deadly organic compounds.

Of all biologically produced poisons, aflatoxins are the most powerful carcinogens that destroy the liver. In the developed countries, there is a strict monitoring of products where aflatoxins (peanuts, corn, pumpkin seeds, etc.) are most often found. Infected parties are destroyed.

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