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In Cyprus airports, passport scanners have been installed

In Cyprus airports, passport scanners have been installed

July 11 2018 LJ cover – В аэропортах Кипра установили сканеры паспортов
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The company Hermes, managing airports in Cyprus, on Tuesday commissioned 74 interactive machines to speed up the procedure for passport control. The innovation will allow travelers, using a self-service option, to reduce the overall processing time for passport data, airport representatives assure. 44 machine called BorderXpress installed in Larnaca and 30 - in Paphos.

Meanwhile, passengers who have already used the new service complained that the system does not speed up the procedure for passing passport control, and even vice versa. Travelers leaving Cyprus are offered to scan their travel documents, if necessary, fill out a declaration and pass an identity check using face recognition technology. Then the machine gives each passenger a printout with his photo and data, which, along with the passport, must be provided to the checkpoint officer for final inspection.

At this stage, automatic machines can only be used by European citizens at arrival, for all others the system works only when leaving Cyprus.

The Minister of Transport of Cyprus Vassiliki Anatasiadu, who officially put the system into operation last Tuesday, noted that BorderXpress was installed in Paphos airport last year on a trial basis and "proved that their use contributes to better services and faster flow of passengers in terminals." The passengers will agree with the minister, time will tell. While the system is not fully regulated and does not read all the passports.

Julia Vetrova
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