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In a Cypriot casino, a pensioner was robbed

In a Cypriot casino, a pensioner was robbed

July 10 2018 LJ cover – В кипрском казино ограбили пенсионера
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In the temporary casino in Zakaki, opened 28 June, the first criminal history happened. 68-year-old pensioner stole a wallet with 9350 euro. On suspicion of committing this crime, a married couple from Bulgaria was detained.

According to The Cyprus Mail, police officers went to 34-year-old suspects after watching the video surveillance cameras records of a gambling establishment. During the search of the house they found 8000 euro in denominations of 500 euro.

The woman admitted that she threw out her purse in the toilet of the casino. She claims that there were 8000 euros in the wallet, not 9350. Her husband denies involvement in the theft. According to Limassol police, earlier this couple had problems with the law. The spouses were arrested for six days.

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