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In Limassol, they approved the construction of another 23-x high-rise buildings

In Limassol, they approved the construction of another 23-x high-rise buildings

28 May 2018 | A source: RuCy |Автор: Наталья Кудлай
Tags: Cyprus, Limassol, Construction

Limassol grows together with skyscrapers, acquiring the appearance of a large modern city. Already 23 project of high-rise buildings have received approval from local authorities, another 27 are waiting for a decision.

Twenty-three projects of skyscrapers in Limassol were approved by the authorities. The municipality of Limassol gave permission to 9 projects, the local Urban Development Department - 11 projects, and the remaining two approved the director of the Cyprus Department of Urban Development. Only two projects were rejected, writes InBusinessNews.

More 27 projects are on the waiting list. All of them will be considered by different authorities. The length of the examination depends on the number of floors, location and impact on the environment and infrastructure of the city.

It is noted that the skyscrapers are mainly concentrated in the center of Limassol. This will allow more competent organization of their connection to all systems. Also their location is important - they should not block the light of other buildings, so as not to interfere with local residents. In addition, the skyscrapers in the center will not interfere with the environment and will not cause the disappearance of some species of plants. Also, authorities expect that the centralization of high-rise buildings will help make the city more lively and well-organized.

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