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In Limassol there will be a strike of driving instructors

In Limassol there will be a strike of driving instructors

6 2018 June | A source: EVROPAKIPR
Tags: Cyprus, Limassol, Transport, Teachers, Strikes

Early next week instructors driving schools in Limassol intend to go on a two-hour strike. They decided to protest against the lack of examiners. The queue for the exam is for novice drivers to wait up to five months. In case of failure at the first exam, a second attempt may be given after a year.

According to the representative of the group of instructors driving Coconut Protopapas, only three examiners work in the Limassol branch of road transport instead of six. While in Paphos, their sheer overabundance, reports The Cyprus Mail.

In Limassol, there are 70-80 driving schools. In each of them about 20 students. During the working day, the examiners take exams in about 14 novice drivers. Plus there are those who would like to pass the exam and get professional rights (drivers of heavy vehicles, buses and taxis). The problem is exacerbated in the summer, when there is an influx of graduates of Cypriot schools and students from foreign universities, who flew for a vacation.

The instructors of driving schools in Limassol have already met with the new Minister of Transport of the Republic of Cyprus Vasiliki Anastasiadu. She promised to solve the problem of shortage of personnel in the Limassol branch of road transport, but so far this has not happened.

Instructors will go to protest in 7: 20 on Monday morning, 11 June. They are planning to join drivers with student rights, who wait too long for their turn to pass the exam. A two-hour strike will take place in front of the building of the Department of Road Transport. Instructors assure that the strike will not affect the examinations that are scheduled for this day.

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