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In Limassol demolish the shopping center and erect a skyscraper

In Limassol demolish the shopping center and erect a skyscraper

3 2018 June | A source: Cyprus Butterfly |Автор: Кэтти Пэйдж
Tags: Cyprus, Limassol, Construction

The company Shacolas at the end of this year, demolishes the shopping center Debenhams Olympia in Limassol, in order to build one of the highest buildings in Cyprus in its place.

According to the source, last week the Minister of the Interior Konstantinos Petrides announced that the government issued permits for the construction of another 25 high-rise buildings, another 60 of applications is pending.

The new skyscraper "Aura" will consist of 137 apartments with 2-4 bedrooms and penthouses with five bedrooms and panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea.

The highest building currently under construction in Limassol is One, its height will reach 170 meters, the construction will be completed in 2019 year.

The Trilogy is another Limassol project that has already begun construction. The complex consists of three towers, the highest of which will rise at an altitude of 161 meters above sea level. The construction will be completed in 2023 year.

The very first high buildings in Limassol from 2012 to the present are the Olympic Residence towers, they have the same height (75 meters) as the new Oval.

The highest building in Nicosia will be CH 101 on Makarios Avenue, the construction will be completed in 2019 year, the building height will reach 135 meters.

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