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Limassol is completing the construction of an artificial island

Limassol is completing the construction of an artificial island

9 2018 June LJ cover – В Лимассоле завершается строительство искусственного острова
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The construction of a unique project is approaching the final phase. An artificial island off the coast of Limassol is the only one in the whole Mediterranean. The project is launched in 2010 year and is part of the infrastructure of Limassol Marina.

Surrounded by water, it offers panoramic views of the sea and the city of Limassol. The island will be connected to the land bridge, which will preserve the sense of belonging to the urban environment.

The Limassol Marina complex is built on investments of more than 30 states. As a result, the district became one of the most popular residential complexes in the Mediterranean Sea. The property, bought several years ago, is resold at double and even triple prices from the original cost. The price of apartments in Castle Residences has approached 1,7 million euros.

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