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In Nicosia, a bull sculpture was installed

In Nicosia, a bull sculpture was installed

July 9 2018 LJ cover – В Никосии установили скульптуру быка
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In Cyprus, they installed a sculpture of a five-meter bull made of scrap metal by the Odessa sculptor Cyril Maksimenko.

The statue weighs two tons and became a symbol of electric cars in Cyprus, the source said. You can see it next to the Middle East University in the capital of Cyprus - Nicosia.

Here is what Kirill Maksimenko tells about his work:

The university is currently building a factory for the production of electromobiles of Cyprus brand Gunsel, and the bull is a symbol of an electric car. The Cypriots found me thanks to my work "The Hand of Jobs." I've been working here for a year, but I do not do much sculpture. I did several works for the auto museum, I was offered to tell the students how I make sculptures from scrap metal, "Kirill Maksimenko said.

Recall, Cyril Maksimenko - author of the monument to Steve Jobs and other art objects made of metal parts and located in different parts of the city.

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