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In the department of cyberpolicy of Cyprus will work 241 specialist

In the department of cyberpolicy of Cyprus will work 241 specialist

12 2018 June LJ cover – В отделе киберполиции Кипра будет работать 241 специалист
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In Cyprus, they will create a special division of cyberpolicies, which will monitor the activities of criminals on the Internet in real time. Police chief Zaharias Chrysostomu said this on Monday, 11 June, during the international conference "Cybercrime: trends and threats". According to the Cyprus News Agency, 241 is involved in its work to combat online crime, including representatives of Europol, Interpol, Frontex and the FBI.

The Cypriot police are constantly looking for new ways to prevent and suppress cybercrime. In the near future, the Office for Combating Cybercrime will receive even more resources. The result will be a more effective investigation of all types of cybercrime, "Mr. Chrysostomu stated.

According to him, online crimes cost the world economy at 600 billion dollars a year. Two of every three Internet users become victims of cybercriminals. The Cypriot authorities are alarmed by the growth of online crimes, especially when it concerns the manufacture and distribution of child pornography.

Minister of Justice and Public Order of Cyprus Jonas Nicolaou said that for 2017 year law enforcement agencies received almost 1000 complaints about crimes committed in the Network. Discovered 130. In 2013, only 23 cybercrime was discovered. According to the head of the Ministry of Justice, cybercrime will grow from year to year.

According to Jonas Nicolaou, a cyber security strategy has been developed in the Republic of Cyprus, which aims to respond promptly to law enforcement agencies to citizens' appeals and the cooperation of state and private structures to fight and prevent crimes on the Net.

Attorney General Costas Clerides has emphasized the need to adopt a package of laws that will help fight cybercriminals. Law enforcement agencies should be provided with all the necessary tools and developments in the field of online technologies that will help to investigate crimes and attract criminals to justice.

It should not be that criminals are always one step ahead. - Kostas CLERIDIS, Attorney General of the Republic of Cyprus

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