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In Cyprus hotels there are almost no places

In Cyprus hotels there are almost no places

11 2018 June | A source: VC
Tags: Cyprus, Tourism, Hotels

According to the Cyprus Tourism Organization (KOT), the country will be able to support last year's trend and beat the mark of 3,6 million tourists.

The results of the analysis of the availability of tourist places for the current season were published in the local newspaper "Fileletheros". According to them, hotels in Protaras, Ayia Napa and Paphos have reached almost full capacity. This is due to the fact that most hotels in Cyprus work with foreign clients through tour operators who pre-buy a cluster of rooms.

It is known that for the period from 6 to 8 July 2018 hotels in Protaras are booked at 99%, in Ayia Napa - at 93%, and in Paphos - at 88%. In physical terms, this means that for even two nights in July, only seven hotels in Protaras and 27 in Ayia Napa can be booked, At the same time, the prices for two nights on average fluctuate from 216 euro to 285 euro. Over the weekend in the hotel Ayia Napa you need to give from 190 to 300 euro. For a two-day stay in Paphos, you will have to pay from 63 to 380 euro, and the average cost is 150.

On weekends 21-22 July, a free number can be found in three hotels in Protaras, in 13 in Ayia Napa and in 79 hotels in Paphos.

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