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In Paphos, there was a battle of pit bulls and bolonok

In Paphos, there was a battle of pit bulls and bolonok

July 12 2018 LJ cover – В Пафосе произошла схватка питбулей и болонок
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A brutal massacre between a pair of pitbulls and two defenseless domestic lapdogs occurred 11 July late in the evening. The hosts peacefully walked with the dogs and did not suspect that for one of them the walk would be the last.

On police reports, an Israeli couple at 11 hours of the evening went out for a walk with two Maltese lap-dogs to one of the streets of Pafos. Nothing foretold troubles, while on their way there were no two pit bull terriers without the accompaniment of the owners. The dogs were aggressive, but they chose not the people, but those who are smaller and weaker - bolonok.

Pitbulls heavily bitten two defenseless maltese. The owners of the Bolonoks could not do anything against the enraged bull terriers, and after a short struggle the little dogs were badly injured. They were rushed to the veterinary clinic in Peya, where one of the maltese passed away.

The second lapdog was saved - she had a complicated operation and was left in the clinic for round-the-clock monitoring of her condition. The owners of the maltese turned to the police, and very soon managed to find out who the aggressive pitbullies belong to. Their owner was 30-year-old woman, who was presented with an arrest warrant and handed in a judicial summons. Most likely, she faces a very serious punishment and a big fine.

Now in Cyprus are very strict about the establishment of dogs. Every pet should be registered, vaccinated, chipped and registered. The license to own a dog must be updated annually. The apartment is allowed to keep one animal, in the house - two, provided that the dog does not run away from the site. For the abandonment of the dog without supervision, owners face a large administrative fine, and if the dog attacked someone, a criminal case will be instituted.

In Cyprus, there have been several high-profile cases of dog attacking a man. Among the victims of the animals - a woman from Bulgaria, as well as residents of Paphos and Limassol. In all cases of attacks, it was not the animals themselves who were to blame, but their owners - they let the dogs walk without a leash and a muzzle. After these incidents, the owners of dogs were severely punished for non-compliance with security measures, and a woman with pitbulls seems to have to learn this from her own experience.

Irina Zholnirova
Cyprus Butterfly
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