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Last night, a Russian tourist drowned in Ayia Napa

Last night, a Russian tourist drowned in Ayia Napa

July 26 2018 LJ cover – Вчера вечером российский турист утонул в Айя-Напе
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In 18: 15 Wednesday, 25 July, in the sea near the beach of Katsarka in Ayia Napa, 31-year-old tourist Denis Zezyulin lost consciousness. According to the Cyprus News Agency, a friend dragged him ashore and tried to bring him to life. He also called the police and the ambulance.

The Russian was taken to the central hospital of the free territories of Famagusta located in Paralimni, whose doctors were forced to state his death. PE investigates the police Ayia Napa.

The rocky beach of Katsarka near the port is known for its difficult approach to the water, insidious flowing current and the fact that the depth of the coast begins immediately. For these reasons, it is not recommended to have a rest with children there.

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