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UK: "For Cyprus there is no" plan B "

UK: "For Cyprus there is no" plan B "

August 17 2018 | A source: A REGNUM
Tags: Cyprus, Cyprus Question, Northern Cyprus, United Kingdom, Politics

The British High Commissioner in Cyprus warns that the longer the parties wait, the worse will be the conditions for resolving the conflict.

"Plan B" for Cyprus simply does not exist, the British High Commissioner in Cyprus Steven Lilly said in an interview with the Cyprus news agency CNA, urging the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriots to resume negotiations on the reunification of the island as soon as possible, since over time the conditions for concluding a peace agreement are becoming all more difficult, according to Cyprus-Mail.

"Division is not a" Plan B, "since" Plan B "does not exist in principle," Lilly stressed. "It is important that all interested parties use all available opportunities now, while the momentum set in Crans-Montana is not lost forever."

The British High Commissioner in Cyprus also noted that Britain still considers the option with the formation of a bizonal, bicommunal federation the best solution to the Cyprus conflict. "Yes, it may not be perfect, but it is the most practical, accessible, and therefore the best solution," the diplomat also stressed.

Preservation of the status quo in Cyprus, according to Lilly, is not reasonable, since it is unstable. "The northern part of Cyprus is becoming increasingly dependent on Turkey, and as Cyprus strengthens its influence, it will become increasingly difficult to reunite Cyprus. That's what I think all Cypriots should think about, "he explained.

Under the dependence on Turkey, the British diplomat means the economic problems facing the economy of the northern part of the island: "This only proves how interdependent the Turkish and Turkish-Cypriot economies are now, and it happened in just a few years. In the future, this interdependence will continue to grow unless a settlement of the Cyprus problem is achieved, "the High Commissioner noted.

The United Kingdom is still one of the three countries-guarantors of security in Cyprus, along with Greece and Turkey. And its official position at the moment is that reunification will be a win-win situation for both communities, as it will allow the entire island to become part of the EU, double the capacity of the Cyprus integrated economy and, ultimately, allow Cyprus to play a much more significant role in the region.

However, this should not be delayed, Lilly notes: "If you think that it is very difficult to resolve the Cyprus conflict even after 44 a year after the invasion, it will be even more difficult. The longer you wait, the less favorable the conditions for this. "

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