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The authorities of Cyprus will close maternity hospitals?

The authorities of Cyprus will close maternity hospitals?

4 2018 June | A source: KP |Автор: Юлия Ветрова
Tags: Cyprus, Health, Hospitals

The Ministry of Health of Cyprus will consider the issue of a number of private maternity hospitals, which should be closed due to a shortage of midwives.

According to media reports, earlier the Ministry of Health of Cyprus sent a notice to a number of obstetric and gynecological clinics that their work will be suspended because of non-compliance with the requirements of the law.

Meanwhile, the management of the clinics says that the problem with the lack of midwives on the island has existed for a long time.

The head of state medical services Elizaveta Konstantinu told in an interview with Cyprus Mail that initially the law stipulated the minimum number of medical workers - five. This applies to private maternity hospitals and gynecological clinics. But due to the constant shortage of midwives, the law was suspended in 2003 year, but each time it was extended by the parliament. The last term of the law expired at the end of December last year.

Konstantin noted that in total there are 28 gynecological clinics and maternity homes in Cyprus, 17 of them do not meet the criteria regarding the number of medical personnel working in them.

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