Today: 20 May 2019
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The authorities of Cyprus played a charity basketball game

The authorities of Cyprus played a charity basketball game

22 May 2018 LJ cover – Власти Кипра сыграли благотворительный баскетбольный матч
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President Nikos Anastasiades was present last Sunday morning at a charity basketball game in Nicosia between the teams of his cabinet members and the team of the famous comedian actor Louis Patsalides.

The basketball match, which took place at the indoor stadium Kheravnos in Strovolos, was directed to raise funds for the construction of the department in the children's hospital Makarios. On the governmental side were the representative of the government, Prodromos Prodromu, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikos Christodulides and members of the presidential guard. The team led by Patsalides won the match with 57-55.

The government team won a match last year against the Patsalides team in the fight against cancer.

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