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Attention! In the beer "Stella Artois" can be glass fragments

Attention! In the beer "Stella Artois" can be glass fragments

2 2018 June | A source: VC
Tags: Cyprus, Health, Society, Alcohol

The beer of the popular Stella Artois trademark in glass bottles may contain pieces of glass, the Ministry of Health of Cyprus said on Thursday. The corresponding warning from the Cypriot Ministry of Health received from its colleagues from the System a quick notice on the quality of food products in the EU.

The company itself has already withdrawn a shipment of products from the European market and warned consumers about a possible danger. Nevertheless, experts do not exclude that some of the products could still get to the market from other sources.

Therefore, beer lovers are asked to carefully study beer bottles before drinking. If the deadline for the sale of beer is 18 January 2019, and the package contains 49, 52 and 55 lot codes, you can not drink such beer, and the product should be returned to the place where you purchased it.

This is the second time in two months, when Stella Artois has problems with glass containers.

5 April Belgian beer company discovered a defect of glass packaging at one of its plants and was forced to admit that it is possible to get small fragments into beer.

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