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Troodos waterfalls were defenseless

Troodos waterfalls were defenseless

11 2018 June LJ cover – Водопады Троодоса оказались беззащитны
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Serious protection issues arose about the waterfalls in Cyprus. Although they are geomorphological objects of the natural zone, the Department of Forests considers waterfalls as an important part of Troodos. In turn, the Geological Department (Greek ΤΓΕ) includes the largest waterfalls of the Troodos mountain range in the most important natural objects of the island.

Despite the fact that the waterfalls are included in the lists of the Department of Forests and the Geological Department, they are not included in the list of protected natural sites of the Department of Urban Development of Cyprus. Also, the fact that the Troodos falls falls into the protective zone of the Kuris dam is not taken into account. For its part, the Department of Environmental Protection believes that part of the island, where they are located, does not require strategic environmental assessment.

The issue of the protection of waterfalls arose after it became known with respect to the resolution of the renewed planning of the island, which includes 19 sites close to the waterfall of Milomemeris. Initially, permission for town planning was issued in 2007 year, after it was updated, and its term expires on November 16 2020.

After that, the Urban Development Department received permission to cut down 70 trees for drilling and construction of a public access road network. The logging site was visited by the Director of the Troodos Forest Department and it was decided to remove the 53 tree, and 17 left the remaining ones.

The proposed construction project is located on the site of the Mosfiliya and includes four parts in the area of ​​Limassol. The total area of ​​these four plots is 48 290 sq. M. m, which fall into the nature protection zone.

Elena Savchenko
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