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Around Cyprus is very clean sea water

Around Cyprus is very clean sea water

1 2018 June | A source: KP
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Cyprus along with Malta and Luxembourg was in the top three countries, the water for swimming in which is the cleanest in the European Union. The first line of the ranking is Luxembourg with the indicator 100% (it is a question of bathing in lakes). The country with the cleanest sea water in the EU is Malta (98,9%), followed by Cyprus (97,3%) and Greece (95,9%).

The European Environment Agency (EEA) released a report for 2017 year comparing water quality in 28 EU countries (experts cite data on 21 801 point!) On the average for the European Union, the cleanliness of places for bathing is 85%. The worst indicators are in Bulgaria (44,2%) and Romania (50%).

In Cyprus, 112 places for bathing were tested. 109 complies with EU standards. Places where it is forbidden to swim (due to poor water quality), is not found in Cyprus. Samples for tests were taken only off the coast of the island. Inland waters, to which the dams are in Cyprus, are not allowed to swim.

Significant salt content in the Mediterranean, high air temperature and a long period of solar activity contribute to preventing the development of harmful microorganisms in the water. According to the authorities, all the dirt floating off the coast of Cyprus is not of local origin. Garbage, according to their data, brings sea currents from Africa and the countries of the Middle East, as well as passing by ships, reports EVROPAKIPR.

Recall, a catastrophic incident was recorded last week in Limassol - 22 May Marine Patrol found in the sea opposite the city beaches, from the area of ​​the prospectus 28 October (from the Debemhams store) up to the old port of Limassol, a large amount of excrement and sewage wastes, which the experts needed to neutralize for several hours, two boats and a large number of reagents.

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