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Volunteers collected more than 10 thousand kilograms of garbage on Akamas

Volunteers collected more than 10 thousand kilograms of garbage on Akamas

20 2018 June LJ cover – Волонтеры собрали на Акамасе более XNUMX тысяч килограмм мусора
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Six years ago, the British couple, Keith Watkins and his wife Wendy, living in Cyprus, organized a special team to clean up the Akamas Peninsula. The other day they cleared the peninsula from more than 10 thousand kilograms of all kinds of garbage.

According to the volunteers, the Cypriots, especially the younger generation, have become more actively involved in volunteer projects. People have become more aware and the media play a role in this, covering the problem of environmental pollution. The other day the volunteer group completed its 34 cleaning and now they take a break before starting work again in October.

Each event attracts 10 to 50 volunteers, and Watkins is now looking for more people to register. At the last event, 16 volunteers, some from Nicosia, helped clean up the northern part of Yeronisos Point. They collected 44 large garbage bag. Among the "finds" were fluorescent lamps, carpet, large mattress, cans for coffee and much more.

As volunteers note, most of the garbage comes from the sea. And many people believe that it should not be collected, because the next tide will bring new garbage. Nevertheless, volunteers are sure that it is necessary to keep the island clean and if not to remove garbage altogether, this can lead to tragic consequences for the environment.

Kate Watkins and his team hope that in the fall they will be joined by more people who want to help. Thus, they will have the opportunity to carry out purification works on a larger territory.

Contacts for additional information, as well as for volunteers:,

Elena Savchenko
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