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All on board. The ship of the Greek Navy entered the Port of Limassol

All on board. The ship of the Greek Navy entered the Port of Limassol

August 10 2018 LJ cover – Все на борт. В Порт Лимассола зашел корабль ВМФ Греции
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On Thursday, 9 August, within the educational program of cadets of the naval school NCO (SMYN), a ship of the Greek navy "CHIOS" arrived to the port of Limassol.

The vessel is one of five ships built by Elefsina, commissioned by the Greek Ministry of National Defense. It was assembled 16 December 1988 year, and 30 May it was taken to the Greek fleet.

The vessel will be in the port of Limassol until 12 August.

Everyone will be able to visit the ship on Friday, 10 August, and Saturday, 11 August, from 17: 00 to 20: 00 hours. You can get to the ship through a new passenger terminal in the port of Limassol. Before entering the ship, each visitor must present a document proving his identity.

During the stay of "CHIOS" in Cyprus, its captain, officers and delegation of cadets will visit the military cemetery Makedonitissas, as well as the Arrested tombs in Nicosia, where they will lay flowers and wreaths as a tribute to the dead. He will also meet with the military, political and religious authorities of Cyprus, will visit the Embassy of Greece.

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