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For 10 days on the roads of Cyprus, 5 people were killed

For 10 days on the roads of Cyprus, 5 people were killed

27 May 2018 | A source: EVROPAKIPR
Tags: Cyprus, Transport, Traffic Accident, Police, Victims

In 11: 35 on the road of Fasul - Nikoclia, a frontal collision of a motorcycle with a car occurred. 33-year-old Haris Drusciotis, who was behind the wheel of a motorcycle, died two and a half hours later in the Central Hospital of Paphos. This fifth death in an accident for 10 days, with bitterness ascertains the police. She appealed to the inhabitants of Cyprus with a heartfelt text about the need to be extremely attentive behind the wheel.

Haris Druschiotis lived in Paphos and worked as an aircraft maintenance technician at the Andreas Papandreou Air Force Base. He had a wife and a child of four and a half years. 67-year-old female driver is hospitalized with broken ribs. Her 89-year-old husband practically did not suffer.

In another accident, which occurred in the village of Emba in the first hour of the night, 19-year-old boy was seriously injured. He lost control of the control, as a result of which the car moved off the road and subsequently crashed into two trees. The driver was taken to the Central Hospital of Paphos, and then because of the severity of the traumatic brain injury transferred to the Central Hospital of Nicosia. His condition is critical.

After two road accidents on Sunday, the police of the Republic of Cyprus had to appeal to the inhabitants of the island with an appeal to observe the rules of the road. She hopes that the appalling statistics of clashes with the fatal outcome and the grief of people who have lost their loved ones will force people to be extremely attentive at the wheel.

- Five people died on the road for 10 days. Because of what - negligence, mistakes, inattention? Whatever the reasons, the result is tragic and irreversible. This is the death ... <...> When next time we sit behind the wheel, let's think for a few moments about the consequences of our actions and responsibilities while driving, remembering the tragic stories of mothers and fathers who lost their sons and daughters, and children who ask when their mothers and dads will return home.

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