Today: 20 May 2019
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For cheap drugs Cypriots go to the occupied part of the island

For cheap drugs Cypriots go to the occupied part of the island

23 May 2018 LJ cover – За дешевыми лекарствами киприоты едут в оккупированную часть острова
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More and more Greek Cypriots, especially those who are experiencing financial problems, cross the demarcation line and go to the occupied territories for cheaper goods, including medicines, which here, moreover, are sold without a prescription, Cyprus Mail informs. Some Greek Cypriots, on occasion, buy medicines wholesale during visits to Greece.

Meanwhile, last week the Association of Pharmaceutical Companies of the Republic of Cyprus warned the population against buying medicines in the northern territories, questioning the quality of medicines, first of all, due to non-compliance with the conditions of their storage.

The association also promised that the problem of high prices for medicines in Cyprus will be resolved as the National Health System is introduced.

In the Republic of Cyprus, the lion's share - 80 percent - of sales of all prescription drugs goes to the public sector (hospitals), and the rest to private pharmacies.

And here the prices for medicines are not determined by supply and demand, but are established in accordance with the list compiled by the government. The cost of medicines is calculated as the arithmetic mean of a particular product in a "rich" and "poor country". The list is updated approximately every two years.

The last time two years ago, prices were reduced, on average, by 8,5%.

A new price list for drugs sold, including prescription, the Ministry of Health promised to present 1 June this year.

Julia Vetrova
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