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Swam from Greece to Cyprus for the sake of children

Swam from Greece to Cyprus for the sake of children

29 2018 June LJ cover – Заплыв от Греция до Кипра ради детей
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Coach for rowing Costas Simeonidis is ready for the next charity swim! This time, the athlete will begin a journey from the Greek island of Mykonos and complete it off the coast of Limassol.

Its journey will begin on August 15. Having overcome more than 850 km, he will arrive in Limassol on 24 August. During the travel of the athlete will accompany a boat with a crew of 10 people, in which he will move only for sleep. Spectators can watch the swim, thanks to a live online broadcast.

This is the fourth charity swim Simeonidis. In 2013, along with Nikos Karolyis, he crossed the distance of 80 km from Paphos to Limassol for 12 hours, collecting 13 900 euro for the Cyprus Red Cross. In 2014, he swam already 400 km from Kastelorizo ​​to Limassol. Collected 35 000 euros were sent to the Center for Preventive Pediatrics. In 2016, he successfully crossed 700 km between Crete and Cyprus, collecting 30 000 euro for the Center for Preventive Pediatrics.

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