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PAW-TY dog party in Paphos

PAW-TY dog party in Paphos

July 5 2018 LJ cover – PAW-TY вечеринка для собак в Пафосе
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The five-star Almyra hotel, located on Poseidonos Avenue in Paphos, announced that it has become friendly towards dogs. In honor of this, on the next Friday, 6 July, the hotel will host a Paw-ty party. As reported by The Cyprus Mail, everyone is invited. Admission is free, reservation by phone is required. Each four-legged guest of the party is waiting for gifts.

From now on, those who travel with dogs can stay at the Almyra Hotel and do not worry that the presence of animals will create some problems. For guests with dogs, there are several rooms with terraces on the first floor. For their cleaning, special equipment has been purchased, which allows the next guest to take a sterile number.

The hotel has created a special area for its four-legged guests, equipped with an obstacle course, drunkards, garbage bags and shadow benches for dog owners. Access to this special site will be exclusively for guests with their pets. An important clarification - for guests of the party Paw-ty will be an exception.

Party PAW-TY

6 July, Friday

Paphos, Poseidon Avenue

Hotel Almyra

The lead time is from 18: 00 to 20: 00

Free admission

Reservation of places - tel. 26-888700

Bonuses for hotel guests

  • By the time of settling in the hotel, each dog will receive a nominal bone.
  • For dogs, a menu has been created, the dishes of which can be ordered in numbers.
  • The rooms will have special dog beds and cups for eating.
  • For four-legged guests there is an option "Massage in the room."
  • The hotel plans to organize dog birthdays.


  • The hotel will have restrictions on the weight and size of barking brethren.
  • Dogs will not be allowed to stay in the public areas of the hotel.
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