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Residents of Cyprus once again refused to shelter crocodiles

Residents of Cyprus once again refused to shelter crocodiles

31 May 2018 LJ cover – Жители Кипра вновь отказались приютить крокодилов
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On Tuesday, 29 May, the council of the village of Akhna decided to refuse to the Israeli company TSA Crocopark in providing a place near the village to create a park of crocodiles. The decision was made after the majority of Akhna residents spoke out against the neighborhood with alligators.

Recall that Israeli investors want to create a park in Cyprus with 150 crocodiles, a souvenir shop, cafes and walking paths between enclosures with reptiles. Having received a refusal from the villages Pessematismenos and Afien, foreign businessmen turned to the advice of the Ahna community.

Representatives of the Israeli company managed to obtain a preliminary consent for the establishment of the park, subject to a number of points: employment in the park of the villagers, annual payments to Akhne of the company's profits, the ban on breeding crocodiles in the park and obtaining all necessary permits from the state structures of the Republic of Cyprus.

Later in the parliament a meeting was held dedicated to crocodiles. Representatives of the Veterinary Department and the Department for the Control of the Spread of Infectious Diseases noted that they do not guarantee that in Cyprus, after the arrival of a crocodile party, there will not be a threat of spreading the West Nile fever transmitted by mosquitoes.

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