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Council of Europe Secretary General threatened Russia with "measures" for refusing contributions

Council of Europe Secretary General threatened Russia with "measures" for refusing contributions

April 25 2018 LJ cover – Генсек Совета Европы пригрозил России «мерами» за отказ от взносов
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By the end of 2019, the Committee of Foreign Ministers of the Council of Europe is going to take action against Russia because of the non-payment of a contribution to the organization's budget by our country. With such a statement, as Tass reports, Secretary General of the Council Thorbjørn Jagland made a speech.

According to him, if a country that is a member of the Council of Europe does not pay contributions for three years, the Council of Ministers will have to take certain actions.

Jagland noted that until the end of 2019, the Council still has the opportunity to function without receiving contributions from Russia.

"We are already approaching the end of this period, at the end of 2019, and then the committee of ministers will have to take action against the Russian Federation," he said when answering the parliamentarians' question.

Earlier, the PACE stated that their budget was missing € 18 million due to the lack of membership fees from Russia.

In 2014, the Russian delegation to PACE was deprived of the right to vote because of its position in the Crimea. Moscow after that ceased to send documents for accreditation to the session of the assembly, and from the end of last summer stopped paying its budget contributions to the Council of Europe until the powers of the parliamentary delegation are restored.

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