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Merkel announced the creation of deportation centers for migrants at the German borders

Merkel announced the creation of deportation centers for migrants at the German borders

July 3 2018 LJ cover – Меркель объявила о создании на границах Германии центров депортации мигрантов
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German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced that an agreement has been reached between the parties "Christian Democratic Union" (CDU) and "Christian Social Union" (CSU) on migration, which envisages the establishment of deportation centers for migrants at the borders of Germany.

She said that "transit centers will be established in Germany, from which, upon agreement with other countries [EU], they will send refugees to where they have already been registered, or where they came from," Tass reports.

CDU Secretary-General Annegret Kramp-Carrenbauer assured that deportations of illegal immigrants will be carried out not on "to the detriment of third countries", but on the basis of agreements.

German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, in turn, said that thanks to a compromise, the ruling parties "managed to avoid a serious government crisis."

The politician added that the agreements reached allow him to continue to lead the Ministry of the Interior of Germany, remaining a minister in the government of Merkel.

On the eve of Seehofer at the meeting of the Bavarian party, the Christian Social Union announced its intention to leave the posts of the head of the German Interior Ministry and the chairman of the CSU party, which is part of the ruling coalition with the CDU Angela Merkel and the SPD.

Earlier, Seehofer already threatened to withdraw from the Merkel alliance and begin unilateral steps to counter the refugees. Moreover, the SPD claimed that Seehofer is among the politicians who can prepare the "German Brexit"

Anton Nikitin
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