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The German frigate became a victim of its own missile

The German frigate became a victim of its own missile

28 2018 June LJ cover – Немецкий фрегат стал жертвой собственной ракеты
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The German frigate Saxony almost exploded during combat shooting because the anti-aircraft missile SM-2 could not leave the launcher and was burnt in the mine. The video of the incident is published on the Web.

As reported by Naval Today, the incident occurred June 21 off the coast of Norway in the area of ​​the Anneya test site, where two frigates of the German Navy arrived.

During the exercises, the frigate Saxony successfully hit the air target with the first Standard SM-2 missile, but the second missile did not leave the launcher and caught fire.

The captain of the frigate Thomas Haken said that the crew was facing a bright and hot wall of fire. The fire was eliminated by means of pumping plants using seawater.

As a result of the accident, none of the crew members were injured, but two seamen had an "acute stress reaction," the article said.

The shooting was immediately stopped. The next morning, German frigates arrived at the Norwegian port of Harstad for repairs.

Recently, more and more often reported about the deplorable state of the German Bundeswehr. So, according to the report on the state of the Armed Forces of Germany in 2017, the material equipment of the Bundeswehr is extremely unsatisfactory. In addition, at the end of last year all six German submarines were out of order. At the disposal of the fleet, instead of 15 frigates there are only nine.

The tabloid Bild reported that the state of the Bundeswehr is in reality probably in an even more deplorable state, since everything that was reported before turned out to be "glossed over" by statistics. This is reported by Rambler. Further:

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