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One of the leading EU countries refuses to use fixed phones

One of the leading EU countries refuses to use fixed phones

August 28 2018 LJ cover – Одна из ведущих стран ЕС отказывается от стационарных телефонов
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Since mid-November, the possibility of connecting to fixed-line telephony has been lost in France, and for several years private and corporate subscribers will have to switch to Internet telephony.

After 139 years after the creation of the first telephone network in Paris, France began to abandon stationary phones. French operator of telephone communication Orange stops connecting new subscribers to the regular line from 15 November 2018 year and instead will offer a connection via a router, CNews reports with reference to the French media.

The process of transition of current fixed phones to the Internet line is estimated in several years, it is planned to complete it by 2023 year.

Since February, Orange has been experimenting with the transfer of home phone subscribers to an Internet connection. For half a year, subscribers from the French region of Brittany were offered only routers. Representatives of the operator said that the process of transition to Internet telephony is calm, there is no objection. At the same time, older citizens will be provided with simplified equipment.

According to the French edition of Le Parisien, since 2012, the use of wired fixed phones has been reduced by half. At the same time, in the country, up to now, about 70% of companies use all or part of traditional telephone lines to connect phones, faxes, alarms and other office equipment. Renewal of the telecommunications equipment park will require significant investments, and experts are concerned that the transition to the figure should be made in a short time.

According to Discovery Research Group, last year the volume of the IP-telephony market in Russia was estimated at 7,9 billion rubles. The average annual growth rate in the segment of virtual automatic exchanges is fixed at the level of 30%. According to analysts, the Russian IP-telephony market is developing in the framework of global trends.

Olga Nikitina
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