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Paris urged to protect the "commercial sovereignty" of the European Union from the US

Paris urged to protect the "commercial sovereignty" of the European Union from the US

July 13 2018 LJ cover – Париж призвал защитить «коммерческий суверенитет» Евросоюза от США
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French Minister of Economy and Finance Bruno Le Maire called on EU countries' commercial guarantee sovereignty "of the community due to the fact that Washington has formally refused to bring European companies out of the US sanctions against Iran.

According to the Minister of Economy and Finance of France, in the spring of this year, he wrote a letter to US counterpart Stephen Mnuchinu "with a request to make an exception for European companies operating legally in Iran and impose on them additional terms of exemption from sanctions", reports TASS.

"Now we have received a response from the US - and this answer is negative," LeMar stated in an interview with Le Figaro.

In this regard, he urged "to quickly take the appropriate measures and make every effort to guarantee the commercial sovereignty of the European Union."

In particular, he called on Europe to create "tools that will allow it to resist extraterritorial sanctions [US], while developing autonomous funding networks."

"The United States has no right to decide with which country we have the right to trade!", The French minister

He also called on the EU to give "a resolute, unified and proportional response" to Washington.

Last week, Paris set a deadline for responding to US sanctions against Iran.

Earlier in the European Union they said they did not intend to refuse to purchase Iranian oil because of American sanctions.

Anton Nikitin
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