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Why the meeting of Putin and Merkel should be perceived as a sign

Why the meeting of Putin and Merkel should be perceived as a sign

August 20 2018 LJ cover – Почему встречу Путина и Меркель стоит воспринимать как знаковую
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The unexpected meeting between Putin and Merkel near Berlin, which agitated the American press, ended without concrete agreements, Western media noted with relief. However, they clearly hurried, considering the negotiations as unsuccessful.

Пресс-секретарь президента России Дмитрий Песков в воскресенье подвел итоги переговоров Владимира Путина с канцлером ФРГ Ангелой Меркель, назвав их «длительными и обстоятельными». Сама встреча состоялась вечером в субботу во дворце Мезеберг в XNUMX км от Берлина и продлилась три часа, причем часть времени лидеры общались с глазу на глаз – даже без переводчиков.

Уже само известие об этой встрече в понедельник стало полной неожиданностью для американской печати и вызвало у нее серьезную озабоченность. Там решили, что между Россией и Германией может быть заключен некий «Мезебергский пакт» в противовес США, которые вводят все новые санкции против РФ, а ФРГ давят торговыми пошлинами.

Тем не менее, как сообщил Песков, никаких конкретных договоренностей по итогам встречи достигнуто не было, а потому западная пресса на радостях поспешила назвать ее безрезультатнойи даже вспомнила о «длительной истории охлаждений и сближений» Путина и Меркель, в которой так и не удалось достигнуть какого-то серьезного сдвига.

However, the Western media are still somewhat hasty with their assessment. Even before Putin's trip to Germany, Peskov noted that this would be "checking the hours for the most important problems." This same press secretary of the president confirmed on Sunday. At the same time, he added that the goals to reach any concrete agreements during the last meeting simply did not stand.

Важно обратить внимание на то, какие вопросы были приоритетными на этих переговорах и в каком контексте шло их обсуждение. Во-первых, это "Nord Stream - 2". Да, конечно, Меркель произнесла стандартную фразу о необходимости сохранить украинский транзит газа в Европу, на которую Путин ответил не менее стандартно – что газопровод не закрывает возможности поставок через Украину, а эти поставки просто-напросто должны быть экономически обоснованными. Но куда важнее, что оба лидера еще раз закрепили общий подход, заключающийся в том, что они рассматривают «Северный поток» исключительно как коммерческий проект и выступают против его политизации.

Более того, обсуждались различные механизмы по защите проекта от возможных санкций США, которые, как сообщала в воскресенье американская пресса, уже находятся в высокой стадии проработки. «Есть понимание, что, безусловно, проект абсолютно коммерчески выгоден, конкурентен и поэтому необходимо принять меры, чтобы оградить его от возможных неконкурентных и незаконных нападок со стороны третьих государств, с тем, чтобы в конечном итоге выйти на завершение этого проекта», – подчеркнул Песков. То есть фактически Берлин и Москва «сверили часы» по готовности вместе противостоять санкционной политике США по «Северному потоку».

The German political scientist Alexander Rahr is sure that there could be no other option for development in this matter. Going around the United States, "the Germans would simply sign in their full vassalage after 50 years built an energy alliance with Russia and agreed to build a large second pipe," he told the newspaper VZGLYAD.

Во-вторых, Меркель и Путин оба выразили озабоченность ситуацией в Сирии and the flow of refugees from this country. At the same time, the Russian president offers the FRG and the EU to facilitate the return of refugees to the UAR, undertaking joint efforts with Russia to restore infrastructure in the war-torn country. The variant is quite tempting for the Chancellor, because the refugees have become one of the main problems that undermine its domestic political positions. She herself noted the improvement of the situation in Syria, the need to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe in the province of Idlib, controlled by terrorists, and in the country as a whole.

"An absolutely new chapter is being opened there. The war in Syria is over, and now refugees can return there - it's positive, "Rahr stressed. Restoring Syria through the joint efforts of various states from Russia's submission gives an enormous chance for unprecedented cooperation between the countries, the expert said.

В-третьих, лидеры РФ и ФРГ абсолютно в унисон выступили по Iranian issue. Both leaders stressed that the nuclear deal with Iran must be carried out despite the unilateral withdrawal of the US from it and their attempts to force other countries to follow their example. This is another topic where there is a mutual understanding between Russia and Germany that it is impossible to dance to the pipe of the United States, Alexander Rahr noted.

The German political scientist considers it a mistake to believe that on these issues Putin and Merkel were seeking compromises. In his opinion, in this case it is a question of mutually beneficial cooperation, as well as a rejection of the tough political confrontation that was several months ago.

Еще одной ключевой темой переговоров был the Ukrainian question. And even here, despite the difference in approaches, Putin and Merkel did not show contradictions and did not exchange mutual reproaches. On the contrary, they both stressed the non-alternative nature of the implementation of the Minsk agreements, and also expressed regret over their slippage, which, by the way, this time was not blamed for Russia.

Moreover, the Chancellor of Germany proposed to the President of the Russian Federation a plan for the introduction of peacekeepers in the Donbass and the establishment of an international administration there. Previously, Putin himself proposed the introduction of the peacekeeping contingent, but there were differences with the West about specific details, which, apparently, were just one of the subjects of discussion in Mezeberg.

"Everyone has long wanted to solve this conflict. Only one way is seen - these are the blue helmets. But the consent of all the conflicting parties is needed, now Ukraine will be persuaded. I think that this meeting was preparatory for the meeting in the Norman format, "Rar said.

In addition, do not forget that this is the second meeting of the leaders in the last three months, and they took place not in a neutral territory, but in Sochi and near Berlin, which quite eloquently testifies to the importance of these dialogues. "If earlier we tried to refuse contacts with Russia, now Merkel and the whole world realized that without Russia the new world order that is being created will not be stable, that's why everyone is going to cooperate with Russia and invite it. This closing of a very negative stage, when everyone was silent, was led only by a monologue. This is positive, "the political scientist said.

"After this meeting, we can not say that Germany and Russia are at the stage of the Cold War, thank God, they realized that it can not be returned to it.

Two years ago, all this looked exactly the same, there were only disputes, no positive, "Rahr said, adding that common issues have now been found that can only be resolved together and the meeting showed that there are more aspects for cooperation than for quarrels. "Berlin and Moscow are practically beginning again to talk about the arrangement of the world, about specific solutions to specific issues and problems," the expert concluded.

Nikita Kovalenko
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