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Swedish bottom: administrative resource with rear drive

Swedish bottom: administrative resource with rear drive

August 8 2018 LJ cover – Шведское дно: административный ресурс с задним приводом
Tags: Sweden, LGBT, Europe, EU

The homosexuals that took place on the weekend in Stockholm became the top (or bottom, then more comfortable) of European tolerance, gathering ministers, military, police, oppositionists from Russia and Belarus, as well as Catholic priests.

In early August, the traditional 20 Pride of perverts was held in the Swedish capital, which surprised and shocked, it seemed, accustomed to all Swedes and became the apogee, or rather the bottom, of Euro-tolerance. The fact is that this time the country's leadership approached the matter with Soviet scales and decided to use the administrative resource to drive more people out onto the street with colored rags.

In the Sabbath, according to the order of the authorities, all local authorities took part: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Economics and Natural Resources, etc .; all: from the rank-and-file army to the last woodcutter-should have declared themselves pederasts. Special attention was given to the procession by police officers and representatives of the local armed forces. On the military truck an interesting slogan in English: "We do not always march straight" - "We do not always march straight".

Swedish bottom: administrative resource with rear drive

Here is how, tell me, now, "green men" to realize the Swedes dream of capturing them from Russia, when there are all these carlsons with low social responsibility on all sides in the trenches, and even standing in certain poses. It's disgusting because. And what about Lavrov now how to greet with a Swedish colleague and how many hands to wash? Of course, most of all sorry for the police, because now the statement that they are all pederasts, will not be an insult, but a trivial statement of the facts.

However, the expression "the fish rots from the head" is just about the monarchical Sweden, where an exemplary example is given by such a beautiful king.

Swedish bottom: administrative resource with rear drive

And his beloved son was caught on a novel with a Swedish gay singer.

However, we will return to the parade, and there, after our officials, military and actively accompanying activists, our oppositionists with the Russian tricolor were also found. It is said that these "comrades" arrived for the sake of the parade from St. Petersburg, but there is no confirmation of the information.

Swedish bottom: administrative resource with rear drive

The Belarusian oppositionists also supported their friends, who arrived with a white-red-white flag and a banner: "It's better to be gay than dictator" (in 2012, batko Lukashenko said it's better to be a dictator than a pederast).

Swedish bottom: administrative resource with rear drive

"Blessed" all this assemblage was a pink Catholic priest who was surrounded by "angel-schoolchildren".

Swedish bottom: administrative resource with rear drive

As the present Sabbat has shown, Europe, in particular, Sweden, has long overtaken the Roman Empire of the period of decline, and the Swedes have only to wait for new Huns from Arab and African countries who will quickly explain to local warriors how to walk.

And it is unlikely that in Sweden itself there will be those who can stop them, because tolerance in medicine means the inability of the body to form antibodies, which often ends in a lethal outcome. So the Swedes did not find a single prominent public leader who would openly oppose pride, which means that the threshold for producing antibodies has already been overcome. Further only degradation and death.

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