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Swiss aid in the process of nationalization of Russian elites

Swiss aid in the process of nationalization of Russian elites

August 23 2018 LJ cover – Швейцарская помощь в процессе национализации российских элит
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Hmm, the news is certainly "hot", but it's somehow muddy.

According to the agency Reuters, the Swiss bank Credit Suisse froze Russia-related assets by 5 billion francs ($ 5 billion), this is due to US sanctions against Russia. "Credit Suisse, wherever it operates, operates in accordance with the norms of international regulators, observing sanctions, including sanctions against Russia," the bank's spokesman said. Continuation.

What points to the "Russianness" of this money? The names of account holders, I suppose? So we are talking about private deposits? In any case, nothing could be found about their belonging to the state or even to Russian corporations. Then all the same, private traders. And obviously not as significant as the one mentioned in the article Viktor Vekselberg. When "such a fish" comes across, surnames are swung in the very first place at once, whereas in the article it is mentioned simply for a parallel. And then there's silence. Hence the caliber of the find is strong - much lower. Well, nice, tram-pam-pam.

How many Russians have accounts abroad I do not know for sure. In open sources there is not even a more or less approximate figure. All that is called - just assumptions from the ceiling, have little faith.

But there is an accurate data that personal investment accounts in the Russian Federation were brought to 126 thousand people. I suppose that these people can have money, big enough to hide them somewhere outside of Russia. Still, according to official statistics, we have 40 thousand different kinds of senior officials. Judging by the periodic news about the arrests of corrupt officials, some of them, diplomatically, say, are not clean on hand, so it can also have something to hide.

I will specially emphasize two points. In addition to the two precisely indicated figures, everything else is nothing more than a gymnastics mind. So to any of the following figures, you should initially refer to nothing more than assumptions on the brink of fantasy. Secondly, taking into account the calculation technique, the width of "tolerances" here can be very wide. Therefore, I suggest that the main thing is not the accuracy of the figures, but the general logic that forms the approach to the question as a whole.

So. Who can keep accounts in Switzerland? Formally - anyone, but in fact a big business SO usually does not hide money. As a rule (in all publicly known cases), it has sufficient amounts for good legal protection, which usually results in the creation of various trusts whose nationality is not directly traceable. Legally they belong to themselves, existing only for the sake of the good purpose of "helping the money" some of the personally identifiable individuals who receive money, but do not legally own the trust. So, you can not arrest him "by nationality".

And the news mentions precisely the "Russianness" of belonging accounts. Means what? So it's not funds or trusts. These are private deposits.

You know a lot of retired grandmothers who own personal accounts in Swiss banks. Such as somehow even among individual entrepreneurs do not occur, although the money of many of them are quite decent. These iterative approximations show that in this case we can talk about people who have much more money than their current needs for life, but not so much that it makes sense to bother with the trust scheme. It, as the first space velocity, requires a very specific scale of capital and the costs of its maintenance.

It is important to note that the money in Switzerland is hidden. For simple operation it was much easier and cheaper to start and maintain accounts in Latvia, the Czech Republic, Poland, at worst Cyprus or the Bahamas. Switzerland has traditionally been valued primarily thanks to the effect of "no extradition from the Don."

It turns out that we are talking about some share of those 166 thousand people who could have formed, including not too legally, the amounts sufficient for "overseas to hide." It's to hide, not invest.

What is its size, I do not presume to judge exactly, but that "everyone steals" can not agree too. For some of the people in this category know and they "do not fit the description." However, let's say that "one in five steals" and somewhere a quarter of them "managed to get a nest in Switzerland".

It turns out that something about 8300 people. Some of them, "Swiss gnomes" "pressed"? So that's great. A great incentive for the rest to think.

But the main thing in the other. This money is no longer Russian. In the most direct sense of the word. If they are by birth too illegitimate even for a theoretical attempt to "voluntarily surrender" in view of all the announced amnesties (and there the list of allowances is very large, which allows legalizing a wide range of variants), then back to Russia their owners will never bring. At any risk scale, be a prize in the American hunt for "illegal Russian capital."

So indignant, knock tapkom on the table, demand a return, kick the government with questions - where you look, why you are idle - it has no meaning at all. In life, there are processes inherently natural in view of the fundamental nature. Minced meat can not be scrolled back. To lament in this regard is like complaining about the sputum of rain. It's raining, wetness is its natural property. However, this fact is understandable by far not all, and all such headlines are targeted precisely at these who do not understand, and who easily picks up hwaip, perfectly monetized media in their own favor.

In my opinion, the incident is beautiful. If money is fundamentally non-refundable and taken away, then what has happened is (who believes in it) God's punishment or kismet, catching up to reptiles when they already themselves began to be considered winners. If they are non-refundable, but they have not yet been covered, then in general, too, do not care. What is not ours is not ours.

But the rest appears a wonderful occasion to reflect. For those who have something "hidden" there, something is hidden about technologies for the return of the stash to Russian jurisdiction and the Russian economy. Those who are just going to "podkonopit and quietly hide" - that doing this "over the hill" becomes suicidal. There are enough reliable holes there are no more left. Therefore, in any scenario, you should immediately come up with a scheme for "hiding" money "here". In the sense - in Russia. Than it is better? In my opinion, by the fact that even if they are stolen, they will remain in the Russian economic cluster, which means they will continue to work, so to speak, on Russia's GDP.

So in my opinion this news is certainly good. It is remarkable that those 5 billion dollars were found and taken away. The West does our work for the nationalization of the elites. What can not but rejoice.

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