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The state of the German Navy recognized the disgrace of the richest country in Europe

The state of the German Navy recognized the disgrace of the richest country in Europe

August 25 2018 LJ cover – Состояние ВМС Германии признали позором богатейшей страны Европы
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The American edition of National Interest argues that lack of funding and poor planning led to the fact that the German fleet is not able to perform its primary tasks, and the state of the German Navy is a disgrace for the richest country in Europe.

According to the authors of the article, problems exist in all components of the German Navy, from submarines to naval aviation, RIA Novosti reports.

The publication notes that all six German submarines of the 212U type are in an unusable state, although the German industry is actively selling similar submarines to many countries. In the German press this situation is explained by the lack of spare parts, which, in the opinion of the publication, is in itself strange for the richest EU state.

The state of Germany's naval aviation also does not cause optimism among the authors of the material. So, after the start of the decommissioning of Breguet Atlantique patrol aircraft, the German command decided in 2005 to purchase second-hand P-3C from the Netherlands, but none of the planes purchased from the Netherlands is in a combat-ready state.

With the German surface fleet the situation is slightly better, but the authors of the article indicate the unsatisfactory operational characteristics of warships, as well as their frequent breakdowns.

Recently, more and more often reported about the deplorable state of the German Bundeswehr. So, at the end of last year all six German submarines went out of order, and at the disposal of the fleet there are only nine frigates instead of 15 frigates.

Anton Nikitin
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