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In Britain there was a "beer crisis"

In Britain there was a "beer crisis"

27 2018 June LJ cover – В Британии разразился «пивной кризис»
Tags: United Kingdom, Alcohol, Society

The lack of carbon dioxide in Europe, the hot weather in the United Kingdom and the successes of England in the World Cup, led to a shortage of beer and carbonated beverages in British pubs, restaurants and shops, which has been dubbed the "beer crisis", reports the Times.

According to the publication, the company Booker, one of the largest suppliers of beverages for British pubs, restaurants and shops, limited the volume of products released by ten boxes of beer, five boxes of cider and soft drinks in one institution, TASS reported.

At the end of last week, the British company Wetherspoon, which owns hundreds of pubs in the kingdom, warned of the risk of beer shortages due to a shortage of carbon dioxide in Northern Europe, as five carbon dioxide producers closed for maintenance just in time for the world championship on football.

Anton Nikitin
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