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Greek Foreign Minister said the need for EU reform

Greek Foreign Minister said the need for EU reform

11 May 2018 LJ cover – Глава МИД Греции заявил о необходимости реформы ЕС
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Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias said that the European Union must carry out significant reforms and create its own defense in order to maintain its position in the world and solve emerging problems.

"The EU should develop as a mechanism, a system of institutions, an instrument of modernization for all of us and ourselves, become a beacon for the realization, promotion and dissemination of the rule of law, the defender of this principle in the world community." It is necessary to return to the goal of social cohesion, "said Kotzias at the ministerial meeting foreign affairs in the town of Sounion, near Athens.

The meeting is attended by the Ministers of the Visegrad Four (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary), four Balkan EU member countries, Balkan candidate countries for accession to the EU, Cyprus and Slovenia.

"The EU should in many respects change, adapt and demonstrate its strengths," the head of the Greek Foreign Ministry said, pointing out a number of problems facing the EU. This, in his opinion, is the strengthening of the institutions of the European Union and their reform, a balance in the future between national states and EU institutions, democratization, the solution of social problems.

Speaking about the expansion of the European Union, Kotzias touched upon the question of Turkey's candidacy.

"The issue of relations with Russia remains a special issue," the minister added.

Cotazias spoke for strengthening the military structures of the European Union, otherwise, he said, the EU will remain a regional partner of the EU and NATO.

"The sphere of defense and security is determined from the relations between the EU, NATO and the US It should acquire an independent defense function or become a regional partner of the other two." Without the pillar of defense, the EU will remain an economic giant on clay feet, "the Greek Foreign Minister said.

Gennady Melnik
RIA News
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