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The Greek opposition demanded full information about relations with Russia

The Greek opposition demanded full information about relations with Russia

August 10 2018 LJ cover – Греческая оппозиция потребовала полной информации об отношениях с Россией
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Greece's largest opposition party, New Democracy, is concerned about the deterioration of relations with Russia and requires the government to provide the parliament with full information about the latest developments in relations between the two countries, said the head of the party's foreign policy department, Yorgos Kumutsakos.

"The maintenance of friendly and productive relations with Russia is a timeless choice of Greek foreign policy, it goes without saying that each country must respect each other's sovereignty and avoid any participation in its internal affairs." We note with great concern the recent negative developments that have reached even the unacceptable mention of the Prime Minister of Russia "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus", - said in a statement Kumutsakos.

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in an interview with the Kommersant newspaper in connection with the anniversary of the 2008 war in South Ossetia said that the admission of Georgia to NATO "can provoke a terrible conflict," and said that "it is also possible", for example, to take Kosovo into the North Atlantic alliance, you can, for example, the Republic of Northern Cyprus to join the North Atlantic Alliance, "but that will not improve the situation in the world.

"New Democracy" stated that "trauma in Greek-Russian relations should be healed as soon as possible by thoughtful, sober, and not impulsive actions."

"New Democracy" insists on demanding the government to provide the parliament with full information about the latest developments in Greek-Russian relations, "Kumutsakos said.
The Greek Foreign Ministry issued a statement on Friday in response to Russia's response to the expulsion of Russian diplomats. The Greek Foreign Ministry called Russia "a comrade of Turkey in arms", said that Moscow steadily departed from positions that corresponded to the level of friendship and cooperation that characterized the relations between Greece and Russia during 190 years. According to Athens, Russia does not realize that Greece has its own interests and criteria in international politics. Athens called Moscow's response measures "arbitrary and vindictive."

Greek media informed 11 July that Greece expelled two Russian diplomats and banned the entry of two Russian citizens into the country. According to the publication, Greece accused Russia of trying to undermine its national security. Moscow rejected all these charges and stated that these steps will not go unanswered.

Ex-colleague Tsiprasa responded to the words of the Greek Foreign Ministry about Russian diplomats

The former associate of the Prime Minister of Greece Alexis Tsipras, the leader of the party "National Unity" Panagiotis Lafazanis called the statement of the Greek Foreign Ministry about the expulsion of diplomats from the Russian Federation "an anti-Russian manifesto that buries Greek-Russian relations and puts the country's security at mortal danger."

The statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the expulsion of Greek diplomats from Moscow surpasses all reasonable measures and logic and is an unacceptable anti-Russian libel, the statement of Lafazanis, which was received by RIA Novosti, said.

"I do not know if the government of Cipress-Cosias took on itself an ungrateful and unprecedented mission to interrupt, in fact, any relations with Russia and play the role of Ukraine in the south (Europe - ed.), In accordance with the duty that the architect of the neo-fascist anti-Russian coup in Kiev in February 2014 and nosing his nose in the foreign affairs of the US in Athens (Jeffrey) Payette (US ambassador to Greece, former US ambassador to Ukraine - Ed.), "said Lafazanis.

In his opinion, the government pursues an absolutely irresponsible policy of the most reactionary anti-Russian circles of the United States, poses a direct threat, even if it does not undermine the national interests and security of Greece and Cyprus, while at the same time unintentionally pushing Russia towards Turkey.

"In the interests of Greece, the development of good relations with Russia," said Lafazanis, who headed the Greek Ministry of Energy in 2015.

The media note that Greece for the first time mentions the cooperation of Russia with Turkey. The situation in bilateral relations is called a "diplomatic crisis", a "cold war", a statement by the Foreign Ministry - "an attack on Moscow", an "angry response", an "ultimatum". According to observers, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs deepens the confrontation between Athens and Moscow.

Gennady Melnik
RIA News
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