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Greece boycotts Russian priests

Greece boycotts Russian priests

August 3 2018 LJ cover – Греция бойкотирует русских священников
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Following the legalization of "same-sex unions" the liberal-liberal Greek government launched the "godless five-year plan", part of which were Russophobic provocations

Needless to say, how important are the holy places of Greece for every Orthodox Christian, and first of all the Holy Mountain Athos? Perhaps even the most remote person from the Church realizes this. Perfectly aware of this and in Greece itself, where religious tourism from the countries of the Russian world takes far from the last line in the republican budget. Not to mention the budgets of private structures, in particular, travel agencies.

And although this question can not be approached from purely pragmatic considerations, it is necessary to start with them. Since the policy of the Greek authorities, which is now being implemented against Russia, can not be explained and justified even from the most mercantile, far from the topic of Orthodox unity, positions.

From Russophobia to God-fighting - one step

Among the victims of the Russophobic policy of the Greek authorities was Archpriest of the TV Channel "Tsargrad" Protopriest Vladimir Vigilyansky. Father already wrote an open letter to the Ambassador of Greece in Russia, in which he outlined the essence of the problem in detail. He repeatedly visited the Greek land on a multiple three-year visa, the extension of this visa was refused (and allowed to enter the fraternal Orthodox country for only one month). And this would not be a tragedy, if not for an informal explanation: "You should not write that you are a priest. If they wrote that a pensioner, they would give you three years. " To which Father Vladimir in his open letter asked a number of fair questions:

It turns out that if I made out a visa as a member of the Union of Journalists of the Russian Federation or as a member of the Writers' Union of Russia (and I am a member of either union) or, as the employee of the visa center advised me, as a pensioner, The sign was not there? Dear Mr. Ambassador! Do not you think that this is a gross violation of Article 14 of the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, adopted 4 November 1950 by 47 countries of the Council of Europe? "

Mount Athos
Mount Athos

Having published this letter on his Facebook page, Father Vladimir received many comments, which show that this situation has developed with at least dozens of clerics of the Russian Orthodox Church, including representatives of its hierarchy. Thus, the staff member of the Synodal Missionary Department, Abbot Agafangel (Belykh), told the "Tsargrad" TV channel about his own clash with the rapidly becoming unfriendly employees of the Consulate of Greece:

When I ended another Schengen, a Greek multivisa, I again asked the Greek consulate to issue a multiple visa for three years. Attached all previous passports, from which it is evident that I have visited Greece many times. Of course, it was evident from the documents that I was a priest and a monk. A couple of weeks I got a call from the consulate and asked: where, in fact, am I going to go to Greece? I booked a hotel near Thessaloniki, I called his address. I was not completely heard and asked directly: will I go to Athos? Of course, - I answer, - I always try to get to the Holy Mountain, if I'm in Greece. It's clear, "they answered at the other end of the line and put down the receiver. A visa was issued. Single. On 25 days. After that, acquaintances from the visa center told us that very recently the four monks were refused. "

Monk of Athos
Monk of Athos

According to Tsargrad, in the current situation, agencies that organize pilgrimage trips to Mount Athos suffer serious losses. After all, almost every pilgrim group includes Orthodox priests, for whom artificial obstacles have recently been created when they visit the holy places of Greece. Many associate this with the direct pressure on the Greek leadership of their overseas curators.

So, it's not a secret for anyone that 2 years ago, one of the creators of the Ukrainian EuroMaidan Jeffrey Payette became the US ambassador to Greece, who almost immediately visited the Holy Mount Athos. Of course, not with a pilgrimage visit, but with an inspection visit. There is evidence that during this trip, the American ambassador directly demanded the termination of cooperation between Athos monasteries and Russian organizations. And the fact that among the Russian diplomats expelled from Greece was the deputy chairman of the Greek branch of the Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society, Alexei Popov, obviously - not an accidental coincidence. This is convinced the chief correspondent of the Greek TV channel "TV MEGA" Afanasy Avgerinos, who in a comment to Tsargrad specifically stressed:

An unfortunate story with his father Vladimir is not the first and not the last. For several years the policy of the Greek Foreign Ministry has changed with regard to priests from Russia, especially those who are sent for pilgrimage to Athos. Their visas are considered for a long time, a separate procedure, and are coordinated with the Patriarchate of Constantinople in order to administratively reduce the so-called "Russian influence" on Athos. The situation deteriorated sharply after the issues of Orthodoxy were dealt with by the American embassy in Athens and the new ambassador, notorious for his successes on the Kiev Maydan, Mr. Geoffrey Payette, who visited Athos in February. "

Russian Saint Panteleimon Monastery on Mount Athos
Russian Saint Panteleimon Monastery on Mount Athos

Mister Avgerinos, consistently criticizing the Russophobic policy of the Greek authorities, drew particular attention to the fact that today in Greece there is a purposeful information war against Russia and the Russian Orthodox Church. So, recently the Greek public opinion with great surprise learned from the unfounded statements of some media that Russia allegedly sends "spies in cassocks" to Greece. As the Greek journalist notes:

I'm afraid the Greek Foreign Ministry is a direct participant in the hysterical campaign dictated to us, the Greeks, and American diplomacy. A grave violation of all the rules and rights of the Schengen in the case of such a famous Orthodox figure as Father Vladimir is another proof that this hysteria becomes a real disease directed against Greek national interests, against traditional friendship with Russia and the real guides of this friendship. I hope that Consul General Ms Vakali or Ambassador Mr. Friganas will invite Father Vladimir to his house, find the words of apology and give him a five-year visa. We, the Greek people, are categorically against the artificial hostility with Russia, we hope that our representatives will also express ours, and not others' interests. "

"Godless Five-Year Plan" overseas puppet

The "Tsargrad" TV channel has repeatedly said that the SYRIZA, won at the beginning of 2015 year in the "next extraordinary" Greek parliamentary election, the "Coalition of the Radical Left", made a real Russophobic turn under the leadership of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras. The Leftist Coalition, in which "every creature in the pair" gathered (anarchists and Eurocommunists, Social Democrats and Trotskyists) quickly turned not just into serving servants of European money-lenders-interest-holders, but became the most real family man who was set against Russia and Russians. And the matter, as it turned out, is not only in the expulsion of diplomats and other unfriendly political acts. There is a policy in the spirit of the Soviet "godless five-year plans" 1920-30-ies.

No, serious repression against the Orthodox clergy in Greece has not yet been deployed. Moreover, Orthodoxy still remains the state religion of this country. But the processes of secularization are launched from all sides. Beginning with the declarative atheism of Prime Minister Tsipras (the slave is not a mantra, of course, but disrespect for the Church is all around), ending with the fact that in the issue of labor and capital conflict, the Greek ruling leftists took the side ... of sexual minorities whose "rights" in this country are protected much better than the rights of socially vulnerable segments of the population. Moreover, in the same Greece today, Orthodox churches are actively transferred from church to government, which often leads to the fact that the shrines eventually turn into exhibition halls and museums.

Flag of the Hellas Orthodox Church
Flag of the Hellas Orthodox Church

Let me remind you that at a time when the Greek Parliament adopted one of the most radical anti-Christian decisions - the legalization of "same-sex unions" - the Hellas Orthodox Church tried to resist this, but no one listened to its protests. Ignoring the deputies and the official address to them of the Holy Cinema (governing body) of the Holy Mountain Athos, which for many centuries is the highest spiritual and moral authority for all Orthodox Greeks:

The position that equates "same-sex couples" with the family, with all the legal and social consequences ensuing from this (including the adoption of children), appears in clear contradiction with the customs of our people and looks like a provocative provocation and a challenge to the Greek people. "

«Ορθοδοξία ή θάνατος!»

Of course, this whole series of symbolic actions by the current leadership of Greece is not just an arrogant challenge to the leftist atheists to Orthodox Christians. This - a clear loyalty sign, which the political elite of this Orthodox country makes its western curators. And along with this - another victory of the most skilful politician - the enemy of the human race, whose name the believing people avoid repeating too often.

From the Holy Scripture it is known that it can be defeated only by "fasting and prayer." But this in no way excludes the need for "direct action": in particular, public protest actions, as well as the foreign policy actions of the Russian State - diplomatic, but tough. After all, if we once again respond to the incident with passive falsehood, after Greece other Orthodox countries can very soon follow.

Mikhail Tyurenkov
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