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Greece accused Russia of contempt

Greece accused Russia of contempt

July 19 2018 LJ cover – Греция обвинила Россию в неуважении
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The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs accused Russia of "disrespecting a third country" and demanded to stop interfering in its internal affairs. This was reported by RIA Novosti referring to the statement of the agency that came into the agency's disposal.

The document was the first official reaction of Athens after the expulsion of the two Russian diplomats and was followed by a briefing by the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. She noted that the expulsion of diplomats without consequences will not remain and expressed regret that Athena was dragged into "dirty provocations."

The evidence, on the basis of which Greece acted, was timely submitted to the Russian authorities. In addition, the Russian authorities themselves know very well what their people are doing
The Greek Foreign Ministry

Greek diplomats stressed that they tried to separate "these people from official Russian policy, but Zakharova's statement" legalizes their illegal actions. " The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs refuted the assumption that the decision to expel was taken under pressure from other countries, and called it unworthy of comment.

13 July, the Russian Foreign Ministry protested in connection with the expulsion of two Russian diplomats "for illegal actions against national security."

Anastasia Kukova
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