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Near Greece found 50 watching for NATO "reconnaissance ships"

Near Greece found 50 watching for NATO "reconnaissance ships"

August 26 2018 | A source: LOOK |Автор: Ольга Никитина
Tags: Greece, Ships, Intelligence, Russia, USA, NATO, Turkey

The North Atlantic alliance has transferred to the Coast Guard and the Navy of Greece a list of 50 "suspicious vessels" conducting reconnaissance in the Aegean Sea near the coast of the country, reports the newspaper Real.

The article says that we are talking about fishing, sailing and pleasure boats that allegedly swim in the Aegean Sea in order to collect information. Real reports that these vessels are interested not only in Greek military facilities and their activities, but mainly the movement of Americans whose presence in the territory of Greece is increased, RIA Novosti reports the contents of the article entitled "Spy Games in the Aegean Sea."

"The Russians are not alone in the Aegean Sea, which more and more resembles the" American training ground, "the publication says. The publication also notes that the reliability of Turkey as a member of NATO is "openly questioned" by the American side.

Earlier, Turkey repeatedly questioned the belonging of a number of Greek islands and the Lausanne Treaty, which defined the borders of modern Turkey. In the middle of August, the Greek television channel Alpha reported that in the Aegean Sea, at 300 meters from the coast of Leros Island, near the Turkish coast, unknown people opened fire on two Greek fishing boats from a Turkish vessel.

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