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Fires in Greece killed more than 70 people

Fires in Greece killed more than 70 people

July 24 2018 LJ cover – Пожары в Греции унесли жизни более 70 человек
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In Greece on Monday, several large fires took place, the victims of which were more than 70 people, in Attica declared a state of emergency. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras announced a three-day mourning for the dead in the country, the Greek prosecutor's office began investigating the causes of the fires, and the military countries are preparing to take part in extinguishing the fires that swept the eastern Attica.

In summer, wildfires often occur in Greece. In 2017 year in a number of regions of the country because of fires the emergency mode was introduced.

The fire erased the settlement from the face of the earth

In recent days in Greece there is 40-degree heat, and on Monday the situation was aggravated by a strong wind, because of what firefighters could not cope with the fire.

According to the official data of the Greek fire service on the morning of Tuesday, 49 people were killed in East Attica, 156 adults were injured, 16 children were hospitalized. Later Sputnik Greece reported that the number of victims of fires increased to 74 people, 164 suffered.

"Despite immediate and extensive mobilization of firefighters, a strong wind with gusts up to 9 points on the Beaufort scale and high fire speed led to its rapid spread to residential areas, so residents and visitors could not escape from the fire when they were several meters away from the sea or in cars, "the fire service said on Tuesday. According to the fire service, in Greece for a day, 47 forest fires occurred, most were extinguished at the initial stage.

Mayor of the Rafina-Pikermi district Evangelos Burnus said that more than a thousand houses and three hundred cars were burnt. Totally destroyed by fire is the settlement of Mati. At the same time, the Greek Fund for the use of state property HRADF reported that the administration of the port of Rafina, where it was one of the two largest fires, reported that all routes of the vessels are being carried out as usual.

According to the latest information, among the dead - two tourists from Poland - the mother and son.

Excursions - according to plan

The Russian Embassy in Greece stated that the citizens of the Russian Federation among the dead and injured, according to preliminary data, no. Rostourism recommended that Russian tourists in Greece remain calm, follow the directions of local authorities and avoid visiting the forest fire zone. According to reports of tour operators, in Attica there are about 2 thousand organized tourists from Russia, there have been no reports from them to the hotline of Rosturizm.

In the Association of Tour Operators of Russia, RIA Novosti reported that they do not expect mass refusals from booked tours. According to the director of the representation of the Greek National Tourist Organization in Russia and the CIS, Polikarpa Efstatiou, the situation in the country caused by forest fires will not affect the rest of tourists. According to him, tours in Athens are held according to plan. Important national road arteries in the direction of the Peloponnese and Central Greece also do not experience any problems.

The association "Tourist Information" reported that forest fires did not affect the hotel sector and there are no threats for Russian compatriots on vacation.

EU countries are preparing to help

Several countries in Europe, within the framework of the emergency response mechanism, expressed their readiness to help their neighbor in the fight against the fire element. Cyprus sent 45 firefighters, four EMERCOM employees and two fire trucks to Greece to help local rescuers in the fight against major fires in the metropolitan area of ​​Attica.

Smoke from fires in Greece
Smoke from fires in Greece. Archive photo

Italy provided the Greek authorities with two planes to extinguish fires. Two more planes sent to Spain Spain. Poland will send two fire brigades to Greece, said President Andrzej Duda. In addition, two Canadair CL-415 amphibious airplanes of the Croatian Air Force are preparing to fly to Greece to assist in extinguishing fires if Athens requests such assistance, the Ministry of Defense of the Republic reported.

Russia, Turkey and Ukraine also offered their help in the fight against fires in Greece.

In the reasons to understand

Prosecutor Areoapaga - Supreme Court of Greece Xenia Dimitriou ordered to start investigation of the causes of fires, the victims of which were dozens of people, reports Sputnik Greece. Some media outlets compare the current situation with the fires of 2007, when many observers believed that their cause was arson to destabilize the situation in the country and to remove former Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis from power. The government does not exclude that fires were caused by arson - for the day simultaneously appeared 15 fires.

However, the European Commission declined to comment on the assumptions about the criminal causes of large forest fires.

"I can not speculate on this issue, as you yourself said, it's a question of the national authorities, it's too early even for them, I think, to draw any conclusions." The task of the European Commission is to give a quick response to a request for assistance , we have involved the mechanism of assistance, we have proposals from a number of countries, "said the representative of the press service of the European Commission.

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