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The reaction of the Greeks to the Russian sailors in Alexandroupolis drowned out the melody of the march

The reaction of the Greeks to the Russian sailors in Alexandroupolis drowned out the melody of the march

19 2018 June LJ cover – Реакция греков на русских моряков в Александруполисе заглушила собой мелодию марша
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In October 2011, when a large landing ship of the Black Sea Fleet "Caesar Kunikov" arrived in Alexandroupolis, in Greece, a historical memorial was opened in honor of the Russian soldiers of the 9 Old Ingermanland Infantry Regiment who died during the liberation of the city during the Russian-Turkish war 1877-1878 of the year. Ever since, the video of this parade has invariably enjoyed unqualified popularity and appears in various forms throughout the global network. At the same time, in essence, the video does not contain the parade itself, but only frames of the seamen's approach to the place of its beginning, but this was enough to provoke a real national furor among the citizens of the country.

The warmth, love and ecstasy of the Greeks greeting Russian Marines on their land deserves special admiration. And although the video clearly shows that the streets are not the ceremonial calculations of the Kremlin cadets, ideally minting a step, and the usual sailors, even the flaws of drill training did not prevent the Greeks from greeting "fraternal soldiers" grandiose.

It's nice to know that the Greeks still love Russia and remember who actually fought and died for their freedom. More than a century has passed, and the Russian military in Greece is still seen as liberators.

Comments of viewers:

"It is noteworthy, but the fact is that the Greeks have never met the Americans. Neither in 2011, nor now in 2018. Thanks to the Orthodox brothers for their memory and warm welcome! "
Robert Kutovoy

"I'll tell you honestly - the more the collective West presses on us and the more it shows its true face, the more I'm proud of Russia, its people, the Army and the Navy! These guys on the video are fine fellows, but I know for sure that they will walk along the same street now, then they would mint the step just perfectly, and the Greeks would greet them even brighter! "We are Russians, what a delight!" (AV Suvorov) ".

"What a beauty! I love and respect our military. They go proudly and courageously. And thanks to the Greeks, unlike the other non-Russians (except perhaps the Belarusians and Serbs), they remember and honor how the Russian army saved them from death not one heel of times! "
Elena Podkorytova

"The most impressive moment for me was at the end of the video, when the guys walking quite impressively under folded banners suddenly changed completely as soon as the system unfurled the national flag. Immediately another "battle" began with a drill step, and the reaction of the audience blew up the "region"! Pride is bursting ... "

"Dozens of times scrolling it and when our flag is flying into the air every time I catch a lump in my throat, it's the Russians are coming! Let the enemy oppress, for us it is only better, while the soldier is alive, Russia will only become steeper! "
Alexey Berkut

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