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The media reported the expulsion of two Russian diplomats from Greece

The media reported the expulsion of two Russian diplomats from Greece

July 11 2018 LJ cover – СМИ сообщили о высылке двух российских дипломатов из Греции
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Athens is sending two Russian diplomats, two more are banned from entering the country, local "Katimerini" reported referring to high-ranking diplomatic sources.

The newspaper specifies that the measures relate to "unlawful actions against national security" and "serve as a response to illegal actions in Greek territory, which represent an interference in the internal affairs of Greece."

Among the accusations against diplomats are attempts to collect and disseminate information, as well as bribery of government officials.

"The initiative of Athens was not" a thunderbolt from the blue, "but responds to a series of coordinated actions to try to expand Russia's influence in Greece," the publication specifies.

At the same time, it is stressed that Greece wants to maintain good relations with Russia, promote friendship between the two peoples, cooperation of governments and civil society actors on both sides. However, according to sources, this can be done only on the basis of parity and subject to mutual respect for the sovereignty and independence of the two countries.

Athens has always been particularly cautious in Greco-Russian relations, for example in the case of the Fiddles, when Greece did not follow the example of other Western states that sent Russian diplomats, like "Katimerini."

The publication claims that Russia had attempts to intervene in particularly sensitive national problems and the interests of Greece in the Balkans, in particular regarding the name of FYROM (Macedonia). "Diplomatic sources note that the decision of Athens refers exclusively to the actions of these four people, and not to the overall good attitude of Greece to Russia," the article says.

Also the words of the interlocutor of the newspaper that any response of Moscow will lead to "further relapses" are given.

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