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Near the coast of Greece there was a strong earthquake

Near the coast of Greece there was a strong earthquake

25 2018 June LJ cover – У берегов Греции произошло сильное землетрясение
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An earthquake of magnitude 5,5 occurred early in the morning on Monday near the coast of the Greek peninsula of Peloponnese, the US Geological Survey reported.

According to the service, the epicenter of the earthquake was in 26 kilometers to the west of the city of Methoni at a depth of 30 kilometers TASS reported.

Information about the victims and destruction has not yet been received.

Recall, 16 January in Attica, south-eastern region of Central Greece, there was an earthquake of magnitude 4,2, the tremors were felt in Athens.

In July 2017, two people were victims of the earthquake in Greece, more than 120 people were injured, and about 70 people were injured in Turkey.

Dmitry Zubarev
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