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In Greece 55 cats and cats are waiting for their nanny

In Greece 55 cats and cats are waiting for their nanny

August 14 2018 | A source: EVROPAKIPR
Tags: Greece, Animals, Job, Society

Благотворительная организация Godʼs Little People Cat Rescue is seeking человека старше 45 лет, который смог бы ухаживать за 55 котами и кошками, проживающими на греческом острове Сирос. Помимо зарплаты (сумма не указана), предлагается бесплатное проживание в доме с садом и шикарным видом на Эгейское море.

What is needed? You should be able to drive a car with a manual gearbox and know how to "catch, tame and cure a feral or unsociable cat." The duration of the working day is four hours. The probationary period is a month, after which the contract will be signed by a lucky candidate for at least six months.


  • All expenses for cats will be paid, including - the services of a veterinarian.
  • Besides food, cats need love and attention.
  • You must be a reliable and honest person with a heart of gold.
  • It's just wonderful if you are also a veterinarian and a feline psychologist.
  • Заявку с информацией о себе и фото отправляйте по адресу
  • The most suitable candidates will be contacted at the end of August.
  • The trial period is from October 1. Work - from November 1.

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