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In Greece, the forest fire spread to coastal settlements. There are jams

In Greece, the forest fire spread to coastal settlements. There are jams

July 24 2018 LJ cover – В Греции лесной пожар перекинулся на прибрежные поселения. Есть жерты
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The forest fire, which broke out on Monday near the Greek capital, spread to coastal settlements between Athens and Corinth, reports Sputnik Greece.

The victims of severe fires in Eastern Attica are according to the latest data, 50 people. However, there are fears that there may be more of them, since the fire department receives many calls about missing people, said Sputnik Greece.

"There are a lot of small children among the dead," the message says.

All the dead were found in the area between the towns of Rafina and Nea Makri, in particular, in the settlements of Mati and Kokkino Limanaki, in the east of Attica. People there were blocked by fire in homes and cars or tried to escape into the sea, but drowned.

The government does not exclude that fires were caused by arson.

The EU authorities are using the emergency assistance mechanism to assist Greece in extinguishing flatter fires, which led to the deaths of people, at the moment the assistance has been allocated by two countries, the coordination of measures will continue in the next few hours.

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