Today: March 26 2019
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Ankara unconditionally loses the party to Damascus

Ankara unconditionally loses the party to Damascus

July 26 2018 LJ cover – Анкара безоговорочно проигрывает партию Дамаску
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The military-political situation in the Syrian Arab Republic has undergone significant changes after the meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump in Helsinki. There is a significant interception of initiative on the part of the Russian Federation and the legitimate government of B. Assad.

The American side, fearing full disclosure of its activities to support militants, is forced to make concessions. First of all, Washington "merges" its allies. The first to become Syrian Kurds, the second "blow in the back" went to Turkey. Ankara trusted the States too much, when the latter transferred control of the city of Manbij, which was being held by the Kurds. However, everything was not so simple, if the Americans give something, they take twice as much.

First, the US gave the Turks the city of Afrin in a Kurdish enclave in the north of the province of Idlib. When the Turks attacked the Kurds in Africa, Washington stated that the city was not part of the responsibility of the US military contingent and had not taken any action to protect allied Kurds from no less than allied Turks.

However, today, when information began to leak from various sources that the US plans to start withdrawing its servicemen from the territory of Syria, Ankara understood the true intentions of its ally. Luring the Turks in the Syrian cities of Afrin and Manbage, the Americans planned to urgently begin the withdrawal of troops. Thus, using its influence on international media, Washington could "blame" all the blame for fomenting civil war in the SAR on Ankara.

In general, the situation has clearly changed in favor of Turkey. The geopolitical goals of which, judging by everything, will be substantially ignored. In the current situation, when it became clear that the presidents of Russia and the United States were able to agree on something, Turkey, which hitherto behaved in Syria not only actively but aggressively, decided to hastily retreat. A source from the Turkish government reports on an urgent study of the issue of the withdrawal of Turkish troops from northern Syria to the line of the Turkish-Syrian border.

It is obvious that such a political decision will be negatively adopted by the Ministry of Defense of the country and most likely Erdogan will have to resort to serious personnel reshuffles in law enforcement agencies in order to prevent another uprising in the state. But of the two ills, we have to choose a smaller one, and to enter the pages of history, as the country that unleashed the Syrian war, instead of the US, clearly did not enter into Ankara's initial plans.

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