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Lebanese police girls dressed provocatively for tourists

Lebanese police girls dressed provocatively for tourists

23 2018 June LJ cover – Ливанских девушек-полицейских одели провокационно ради туристов
Tags: Lebanon, Police, Women, Middle East

Young policewomen in one of the cities of Lebanon decided to dress provocatively to attract tourists, RT television reported.

Young ministers of law in the city of Brumman patrol the city in short black mini-shorts, a T-shirt and red berets. Such an action was invented by the mayor of the city, in addition to attracting tourists, it is designed to improve the image of the country.

"Ninety-nine percent of tourists in the Mediterranean region wear shorts," explained Mayor Brummana Pier Ashkar. "We in Lebanon want to change the gloomy picture of Lebanon in the West," the mayor added.

However, not all residents of Lebanon agree with the mayor. Some users of social networks criticized the use of beautiful girls to attract tourists, others noted that the uniform of male policemen remained the same.

Despite the discussions, one of the new policemen, Samantha Saad, said that she likes this job and she hopes that such an action will be held every summer season.

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